• Gnome bugs when I close Chromium, login screen is also bugged for me

    So I’ve got a nasty bug where I close Chromium and either Gnome’s Compositor or Gnome crashes and restarts itself, kinda strange. But because I want to get back to work, I just want to change to mate or openbox. When I close my Chromium after making this post, its going to crash again haha. My problem isn’t installing mate it’s once I do, log in fails saying authentication failed try again every time, the password is correct, but the login manager and gnome are broken. Can a developer help me fix these bugs for me? I’m sure they’re both bugs because I’m fully up to date and I’ve tried several times to be sure.

  • @antergosfgm are you on wayland or xorg?
    im on xorg at the moment and its perfectly fine.

  • @srir4m not sure, how do i switch between them?

  • i’m still unable to log in with the right password. Any news on when login will be fixed?

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