• Why do you use Antergos?

    @robgriff444 hear hear! Well said! I love the vibe here as well and am hoping to be able to contribute in some way to the project. Antergos seriously is amazing.

    I realize that there’s a lot of back and forth about whether Antergos is an installer or a distro. For now, I would say that it is definitely its own distro, but for now, the experience between my 2 Antergos machines and my Arch box is the same. The same updates are pushed at the same time. When I ran 2 Manjaro machines and the Arch box, Manjaro was always a little behind. Except for the logo in screen fetch, I would say that Antergos acts like a simple Arch. For the time being, it’s in the sweet spot where the Arch wiki works, and much of the software is the same between the two. I get that changes may come and Antergos may get more different from Arch, but for now, it’s perfect and this community is much more humble. And I say that with all due respect to the Arch community and the excellent hard work the team there does.

  • @robgriff444 said in Why do you use Antergos?:

    Anyway, that’s been my journey

    What a great post. Thanks. I could totally relate because I’ve been through all those distros too with the exception of Gentoo (I used Sabayon - a derivative of Gentoo). I’ve also been through the Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/LMDE/SolydXK route too as well as OpenSUSE, Redhat and derivatives. Whew.

    I did not know, however, that the updates get pushed through at the same time as Arch though. Nice to know. Again, thank you.

  • Sensible Arch installation and (seemingly) forum moderation / manners / culture.

  • -Arch package managers and repositories
    -Nice installation program and the possibilities of different desktop environments
    -Nice customization for each deskttop (at least for gnome and cinnamon which are the ones i tried)
    -Doesn’t install too much software on installation process (some distros install a lot of stuff no one asked for)

  • Every possible reason I use Antergos, currently, has been stated previously.

    Coming in from Linux Mint looking for freedom to aggressively address use case either concerning need or curiosity which is lacking in Debian based solutions. I like Mint and Debian, but Antergos (AG) fills a niche I’d been looking for and now it’s all history. Mainly, accessibility to more current and stable kernel releases as well as a fairly proctored community repo has sealed the deal between AG and I. Once again --a popular point among AG users.

    Am also lazy considering Arch installation --can do it, just don’t want to. I dig Arch and it’s community as it’s valid without question and am pleased to be capable, through AG, of connecting with Arch in an easy, fast and secure manner. AG is close to being that distro for me and already owns a place on my hardware and it’s going to be hard to knock it out of there.

    I dual and triple boot systems and AG has Grub boot management under lock & key behaving as it should unlike many other distros making the process at the global (dare say universal) level painless. I’m getting too old to mess around with newb oversights and bs and AG definitely understands me and why.

    Glad to be here with you all too, BTW!
    Take care.

  • It has the best installer, I can reinstall easily without losing settings and data. It uses Arch linux which is a good distro. The community is one of the best I’ve found.

  • I use Antergos because it’s a breeze to install, it’s rolling, it’s stable, the AUR, the ArchWiki, and it does just about anything I want to do with no hassles. I’ve had absolutely no issues with it in about a year now. Other distros, even the OMG LTS “stable” ones would have given me irritable bowel from time to time by now, especially if it was time to upgrade the distro. With Antergos, I couldn’t be happier. Very sleek. Very stable. Stays up to date. It just works.

  • @MyLifeInLinux said in Why do you use Antergos?:

    I wanted to know why the community uses Antergos. I’ll start:
    I use Antergos because it is quick to update, and it allows you to select what you want to install when you install Antergos

    It’s the only Linux distro I’ve ever installed that I was able to just use for normal, daily things an hour after install. It’s easy and it just works …

  • I have been using Linux for years from RedHat, to Lycoris, to JAMD, SuSE, Ubuntu, Pepermint, Mint, Slack, PCLinuxOS, well just go to Distrowatch see the list, plus a lot no longer around…Windows from 3 to 10, and a few Apple Boxes, currently my 24" iMac. My old curmudgeonly impatience put me on the path to many of the Linux choices, because if something broke and I didn’t get a fix fast, gone install another one. The poor hard drive on this old Toshiba bust be razor thin form all the clean installs.
    That leads me to Antergos, via Manjaro (because something broke). I am plain just impressed how easy, the install went, after I learned hydro turned off my printer that install was textbook out of the box. I never in previous distro’s much like the command line, but yaourt is my new best friend. I am also enjoying the challenge of learning the ‘Arch’ way of doing things, and golly this thing has just put life back into my laptop (not quite as old as me). I know I’m going to have to find a new hobby now that I wont have to install another distro and re tweak every week.

    This community is informative and fun and helpful for us old fella’s. Good work Antergos, and thanks.

  • Because it’s Arch, ready to use ;-)
    (…good performance, stable, cutting edge… )

  • For simple reasons:

    • Simple
    • Stable
    • Intuitive
    • Friendly
    • Can be used daily, in fact I do.
    • Forum and Users like no other on the net
    • The problems you may have are solved by developers and
          Very friendly and capable moderators.
    • Easy installation

    That’s why I chose it 3 years ago, and I use it every day

  • Because it’s a good Linux and Arch environment, education, addiction and fun, and you get all the amazing help you need.
    And if there is no solution because you have messed things complete up, you reinstall and are back on track with a clean, “fast” system. My last experience is; a clean reinstall is sometimes the fastest and best thing to do. ;-)

    Now running smoothly a 4x boot on a MBP:
    1 MacOS ElCapitan -> the job and Max7, nothing to do about that
    2 Antergos Gnome -> everything except the job and Max7
    3 Antergos OpenBox -> to test, play and enjoy
    4 Antergos XFCE -> to test, wow never seen a better multiple display support, but don’t like the interface.
    —> My next post is about that.


  • @judd said in Why do you use Antergos?:

    Forum and Users like no other on the net

    I would echo @judd’s statement here. This Forum is just full of friendly, helpful people! It is actually one of the biggest reasons I have never even considered switching to Manjaro since I started using Antergos. Thank you everone who makes this Forum what it is🙂.

  • I got frustrated with debian based distros due to permanent driver issues with my Radeon card, so I tried Manjaro which impressed me a lot since I never used AUR before. Then I upgraded my system to AMD Ryzen with nVidia GTX. I also wanted to switch from KDE to GNOME, so I installed Manjaro GNOME. This didn’t work at all due to - again - driver issues with the proprietary nVidia drivers. Terrible performance, Steam didn’t work, etc. So I tried Antergos GNOME and the performance problems were gone. Very happy with it :)

  • Very happy with it :)

    Good to hear! I’m glad Antergos is working so well for you😀. I wish you the best of luck for your future with it!

  • @testsieger73
    Do you have dual screen working properly with Gnome?
    If yes; which converters, kabels and/or external display do you use?

  • Similarly to what @testsieger73 wrote: I spent years on Ubuntu, than moved to Manjaro (GNOME edition), and I was happy about it. Some time ago I started working on a JavaFX project, which needs better graphics performance, and it turned out my secondary graphics refused to work. I wasted a week on trying to get it to work, but failed. Antergos gives me the look and feel I got used to, plus the secondary graphics works well here. Couldn’t demand more. :) Thank you, guys, for such a great Linux distribution.

  • @bartatantergos said in Why do you use Antergos?:

    Do you have dual screen working properly with Gnome?
    If yes; which converters, kabels and/or external display do you use?

    Yes, I have a 1080p (DP1) and 1080p ultrawide (HDMI1). The only issue ist the login screen showing up on the wrong monitor. But this doesn’t bother me, so I didn’t dig into it yet. The rest is working just perfectly :)

  • @testsieger73 Ok, but: Which output > converters > kabels and input > external display do you use?

  • @bartatantergos said in Why do you use Antergos?:

    @testsieger73 Ok, but: Which output > converters > kabels and input > external display do you use?

    DP 1 and HDMI 1 output > DP converted to HDMI > 2 HDMI cables > HDMI inputs on LG 1080p and LG 1080p ultrawide.

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