• Why do you use Antergos?

    @adam-worth said in Why do you use Antergos?:

    Hey, @megaman, I know those guys! Quite the party animals, but they know their stuff! 👽

    i know they took all my beer


  • @mylifeinlinux I’m new here but want to use it as a great assistant in solving issues with software and hardware as well as posting some tips and helping people.) Also, there are so many Spanish-speaking people, I know this language, which is really beautiful.

  • I wanted to try Arch based distro on my new laptop, even if I do have very pleasant experience with Linux Mint on my (very old) desktop.

    I started by installing Manjaro, which didn’t have proper support for my WiFi card, plus they hadn’t introduced kernel 4.17 on their main release (17.11), so I had to use a beta version of their OS.
    I decided to give Antergos a try, and to my surprise, the support for my WiFi was much better. Sure I found other problem instead (which was solved after few days of searching).
    I am very happy with the package manager, very pleased to have up-to-date software (something that is not always the case on LM) without the headache of installing pure Arch.

    I have decided that when I upgrade my desktop, I will install Antergos on it.

  • I stumbled across Antergos because I wanted to try Arch but that looked like it would be much more work than I was willing to put in :-(.
    My experience with Antergos has been superlative, it is quite stable unlike from my previous experience with rolling distributions.
    I mostly use KDE and on Antergos it is quicker than other distributions I have tried.
    On the oldish laptop (Core i3) I usually ran distributions using lxde/xfce/lxqt, however based on comments I read in these forums I decided to try Antergos KDE on the laptop (a Core i3), and it works quite well!
    The Antergos community forum is superb.
    Kudos to the developers, both Antergos and Arch for making this possible.

  • I’ve come over to Antergros to give it a try because it’s a rolling distro and importantly Archlinux-based without the complications of going through the tedious installation processus you might face when using pure-juice Arch.

    As icing on the cake it also offers quite a few desktop environments(I love KDE Plasma) and is easy-peasy to install and updating is a doddle.

  • The community by far. There is something positive to be said for diversity, and this community is a good representation of diversity by having users of all skill levels working to solve common issues as they arise. I have yet to experience the toxic environment that can sometimes be found on other Linux boards. This is what keeps me coming back to Antergos after trying other distros.

    The distro itself is a good mix of flash and functionality. While yes sometimes things may not go as planned, Antergos is a pretty hardy system to use in production environments. As a writer, I can’t spend a lot of time fiddling with my laptop. Once installed and tweaked a little, I can get a lot of mileage out of Antergos without worrying about having to hunt down deb files or PPAs as the AUR is just FREAKING AMAZING!

    And did I mention that Antergos being a rolling distro rocks? Wait, let me rephrase that. Did I mention that Antergos being a stable rolling distro rocks? If not, then I’m telling you now.

  • I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the respondents to forum questions for their time, patience, insight and help.
    I don’t like or want to play favourites, but … @joekamprad is like a one man army!

  • @blaised the most of my knowledge is build on the issues others have here ;)

  • After Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and a more marginal one : Rosa, I am now using Antergos …
    It looks nice (with XFCE) and there’s a community, which is definitely great.
    I like the concept of a “rolling” distribution, Arch. And I appreciate they made it easier with Antergos.

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