• Some light program/app/systemtray radio

    Hi, i was using the mate radio applet when i used Mate as DE, but now i can’t run it since it is a panel app.
    I tried to run but doesn’t work and terminal doesn’t give enough information to fix it.
    Basically inserted url link and started working, i need something like that.
    It consumed something around 40/60 MB ram, so i’m looking for something similar that i can run on i3-wm and that stay out of the way like in the system tray.
    Any ideas?

  • Until gstreamer0.10 --> gstreamer transition, happened exactly 2 months ago, I used aur/raiotray. I substituted with it Streamer applet in Mate, Internet Radio extension in Gnome Shell, various streamers in Kde. Radio Tray is more configurable, lightweight, seamlessly integrates with any system tray, in any DE.

    While removing gstreamer01.10 stuff, I also removed aur/radiotray. And don’t want to reinstall it, because I try to remove all (few) AUR pkgs installed here.

    Currently there are two Radio Tray pkgs in AUR:

    Judging from the recent comments on AUR page, the 2nd one has some issues with Plasma. Otherwise, it would be interesting to try it out.

  • Thanks @just i’ll give it a try on VM right now!

  • @just worked on VM.
    But i decided to play a little with smplayer, i didn’t notice that it has a systemtray option and url is working (didn’t work at first with some radio ip urls) which i usually use to see youtube videos.
    I’ll stay with smplayer since i already like it and now i added another use for it.
    OBS: uses less ram as well.
    Thanks for your help 👍

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