• Antergos hangs near end of file transfer and corrupts...

    Antergos Gnome hangs near the end of file transfer and corrupts the .zip, when I check it with the given sha1sum I get the same string. When the file is indeed corrupted. When I copy a large .zip to my USB 2.0 drive, It hangs near the 90% mark, never to finish. It seems almost that the transfer completed normally but claims its hung. When I verify the file in the USB 2.0 drive, which Windows PC’s recognize as corrupted, I get the exact same sha1sum. So the file is corrupted, but the verification passes. Isn’t the whole point of verification to read for changed or corrupted data?

  • @antergosfgm If i understdood correctly, i think that someone zipped the file corrupted, and then created the shasum; so the shasum belongs to a corrupted zip file.
    The correct procedure was to zip, test if is unziping fine and then generate the shasum.

  • I realized that the corruption came when the drive was removed, so when I checked the sum it was indeed correct but once the drive had been removed the file became corrupt

  • Are you taking the time to unmount the drive before removing it from your computer?

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