• Upgrading to Ryzen

    Hi there.
    I have some very weird problems when I updated my PC to a Ryzen CPU yesterday.
    So, before I had

    • i7 920
    • X58 mobo
    • 16GB DDR3

    now I have

    • Ryzen 7 1700
    • ASUS Prime X370
    • 32GB DDR4

    ( plus a GTX 1060 on both cases )

    First of all the mobo is extremely unreliable, it only boots 1 out of 4 times roughly…
    When I do boot into Arch ( I use antergos and XFCE ) the first day everything went normal. Like before.
    Today though, when I go into the OS, the whole system is kind of “lagging”. It’s basically unusable.
    Imagine seeing a 60fps game going to 2fps.
    That happens a few seconds after I land on the desktop. Especially if I try to open a browser or something, it happens right away.
    I cannot figure out why that happens.
    Sometimes, I cannot go into the desktop at all, it’s stuck in the loading black screen.
    Any ideas to troubleshoot this?
    Thank you.

  • @antouank Are these the new AMD releases? If so, perhaps will be better after the next linux kernel release. (Yes, i’ts a guess)

  • @fernandomaroto Yes, it is the latest AMD CPU. But I cannot understand how it was working fine yesterday, and today I cannot even boot.
    Now it’s stuck in the black screen with the white cursor.
    Can I somehow boot into “terminal” mode? So I can see the boot log maybe?

    The CPU is reported to work fine on linux 4.10. So I want to see if it’s the memory or something with the motherboard

  • @antouank

    1. Do you get black screen and mouse cursor after login or the login screen doesn’t show up?
      1.1) If you can’t see the login screen you can try to type Ctrl+Alt+F2 (Ctrl+Alt+F3, etc) to reach terminal (tty)
      1.2) If you see the login screen, the bug may be related with your Desktop.
    2. Which login screen and Desktop are you using?
    3. Did you upgrade something yesterday?
  • @fernandomaroto I’ve sent the CPU and the motherboard back for RMA, since I had problems booting in windows as well.
    Once they come back I’ll try again and report what happens.
    Hopefully 4.11 will be out shortly.

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