• Banco do Brasil warsaw AUR pkg

    Is there anyone that could access banco do brasil with antergos using this aur package?

    I have tried what every use said in the comments but without success.

    Any help?

  • @renan Olá!
    Eu não tenho conta no BB e nunca tentei acessar site de banco algum pelo pc…
    Espero que mais alguém consiga te ajudar.

    Antergos (default OS) - WIN10 (abandoned)
    I3wm - Mate desktop
    AMD - A4 7300 Radeon graphics
    16 GB ram
    HD 1 TB
    Linux newbie since 06/2016

  • Hope so too. :-)

    Espero que sim. :-)

  • Isn’t here anyone from Brasil that uses Banco do Brasil?

  • Many people say it works on ArchLinux. It shouldn’t be any difference with Antergos. I think.
    No one knows?

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