• Plasma session on wayland hangs

    Hi all.

    I’ve installed plasma-session-wayland in hope of trying-out/switching-to wayland.

    If I quit X (by stopping it from systemctl) and running startplasmacompositor plasma starts with wayland, where installing plasma-session-wayland and choosing it from lightdm gives me a blank screen with a blinking cursor that just hangs.

    I’m on Plasma 5.9.4, latest QT, an Intel graphics (it’s a Dell XPS 9360).

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • @Squigly


    Plasma 5.9 isn’t compatible with QT 5.8 is a known bug

    The solution would be to downgrade to Qt 5.7

    My opinion is that you wait for plasma 5.10


  • @Archrysler
    I always fee such a douche bag when someone tells me my problem is a known bug…

    Thanks for clearing that, I wasn’t aware of it, I’ll wait patiently as suggested.


  • @Squigly

    I Plasma user too.


    Wait time Martin Grässling

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