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    I’ve used Antergos for months with Cinnamon and XFCE. Many friends told me to try KDE but I definitely don’t like this DE. I read the Archwiki and installed plasma-meta and kde-applications-meta.
    My question is a noob one, okay got it, but how do I remove them all? I understand removing “meta” is not the only thing to do but I’d like some experienced users to give me tips so I don’t f!ck my Antergos please…

    Do I need to remove them one by one or is there a “global” way to do it?

    Thank you!

  • There is no global way, and thats because there also packages and stuff used by multiple Desktops, and also you may use applications from other DE… But you have the package groups:

    sudo pacman -Rns plasma-meta kde-applications-meta 

    will do the job mostly >> it is better to do this in the terminal not inside pamac-gui!

    what means the -Rns ??
    R = remove
    n = pacman saves important configuration files when removing certain applications and names them with the extension: .pacsave. To prevent the creation of these backup files use the -n option
    s = To remove a package and its dependencies which are not required by any other installed package.

    After this take a look that the Desktop environment you want to use is still installed:
    xfce4 xfce4-goodies groups > for Xfce
    cinnamon > for Cinnamon.
    You can simple reinstall them or take a look with:

    pacman -Qs xfce4
  • @Ed80 said

    I read the Archwiki and installed plasma-meta and kde-applications-meta.

    A little OFF TOPIC but might be useful for other readers of this. To easily install/uninstall KDE desktop there s the antergos-kde-setup in the Antergos repo. So, you simply install or uninstall this single package, together with the Antergos configuration of it.

    @Ed80 said

    I definitely don’t like this DE

    If I may, what didn t you like about it? If it is its looks (Windowsish but so is Cinnanon), KDE is extremely configurable (here s mine). -:)

  • @joekamprad Thank you very much, that made the job :)

    @anarch I didn’t think about the Antergos repo as I always use the ArchWiki. I’ll keep it in mind for the next time! That might be better or at least to try.
    I guess I’m too used to XFCE (more than Cinnamon) so I didn’t like KDE. I saw this can ba personalized a lot but I think I didn’t want to take time for it. Moreover I installed the applications too and I really hated all those new apps in my menu. Not really knowing what is it, how it works etc.

    I’ll setup an Arch on my old Rasp1 to test and understand KDE :) But not on my everyday computer.

    Thanks again for your support!

  • @anarch said in Completly remove KDE:


    Would be nice to get thouse also for the otherones…

  • @Ed80 I don’t want to go offtopic, but you can try Mate DE, very light and customizable as well…
    If you are very used to XFCE you’ll probably be fine with it, LXDE or MATE.

  • @fernandomaroto I tried Mate too but I prefer to stay with XFCE. I customized it a bit and it fits my needs.

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