• Must always start file manager to open files in Windows? [Solved]

    It seems that the only way to access files on Windows is to open file manager first then enter p.w.

    Isn’t there some automated way for Antergos to do this?

    -dual booting Windows 10

  • You mean the partition from your windows system inside nautilus/files ?
    You can mount the windows partition also automaticly if you want.

    lsblk -f

    will show your installed disks.
    The file /etc/fstab is the place to automount on bootup.
    But take care of not destroy your Windows System if you have read/write access to it…

  • Actually, it’s because Dropbox is there, space is limited on SSD.

    Boy! Sure is a huge chapter to read up on!

  • The only thing you have to do is to add one line to /etc/fstab.
    i only give you main information on what you asking.

    And it is nothing related special to Antergos, having read/write access to the windows partition can damage your windows system easy.

    I would mount the windows partition to /mnt/windows and then the folder you need to your users folder like /home/USER/windows
    So you only have direct access to this folder and not the windows systemfiles…

    Would look like this:


    /dev/NTFS-part  /mnt/windows  ntfs-3g   defaults		  0       0
     /mnt/windows/folder/you/need	/home/USER/windows  auto    bind    0       0
  • Thank you! 👍

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