• Google Drive warns me that videos may harm my computer

    Google Drive warns me that videos people shared with me, .mp4 .mkv that are too big to be scanned by Google say that they may harm my computer. I know this may be possible :laughing: but I assume it’s not very likely especially in GNU/Linux and arch in particular. But there are a few packages which arch says are vulnerable https://security.archlinux.org/
    TLDR: So to sum up my question. Can these files that Google warns me about, which are single video files contain hidden data that can actually do damage to my PC?

  • everything is possible ;)
    But in this case it is what you say already google warns you, because the can not check the file.
    But you can if you want with clamtk for example:

    And also possible to infect a windows system if you save this file and share it e.t.c.

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