• How do I move the gnome left side taskbar to the bottom?

    I’m trying to move the Gnome left side taskbar to the bottom of the screen, kinda like on a mac or docky or cairo or one of those docks. I looked in tweak tool but i’m not finding it. What am i missing? 😕

  • If you’re using Dash to Dock, then simply change dock postion from Left to Bottom in extension’s settings:


  • the on/off button is an error for me in the gnome shell extensions website, any idea how to fix that?

  • I tried to use the upgrade function aswell and now most of my extensions have errors and are broken, might have to switch to a different DE or reinstall since I can’t remove one that’s broken called status menu buttons

  • Wow, gotta love GNU/Linux, I restarted and it fixed itself.

    But I realized another problem. The login screen for Antergos, while beautiful, doesn’t accept the correct password. So if I had to login rather than automatically skip it on boot I would be well screwed because when I type the correct password it says authentication failed so I can’t switch to MATE. Oh well, my Gnome unbricked itself with a reboot. I’m missing a lot of the Gnome extensions cuz I removed the ones with errors but the essential ones can’t be removed.

  • I detest preinstalled Firefox addons and Gnome Shell extensions.

    It’s difficult to uninstall preinstalled extensions from Antergos Gnome, because it wants to remove a big piece of Gnome by dependencies.

    I solve it locally this way:

    1. Remove all removeable extensions from Installed Extensions Gnome page, by clicking the X on the right side

    2. Try to uninstall all uninstallable extensions with pacman - without loosing vital Gnome parts

    3. With brutal force directly delete all unremoveable and all uninstallable extensions:

      sudo rm -R /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/*

    This leaves me with a clean Gnome Shell, without any extension at all. Including Status and Hibernate buttons, which I don’t need, because never use them.

    Then, I simply install really needed extensions from scratch, from Gnome Extensions page. They don’t break, and may be freely added or removed.

  • Any idea why the login menu is broken? It doesn’t accept the right password. It just says authentication failed.

  • Please, try to stay on topic - moving dock from left to bottom.

    If you can move it to bottom now, close the topic by marking it as [Solved].

    Open a new thread for login problems.

  • Only for the completeness:

    There are two ways of installing gnome-shell-extensions >
    –best option is to do so over pacman because you have a package that will be upgraded together with the system, but you can only remove them by uninstalling via pacman, not inside gnome-tweak-tool…

    –second option is to install them via the gnome-extensions-webpage, update of this ones is in your hand no notification e.t.c. about updates aviable … but you can remove them by the remove button inside gnome-tweak-tool…


  • And to make it even more complete :) - for a month or so the Extension Update Notifier extension is available.

    As the name suggests, it notifies about available updates for extensions, added directly from Gnome Shell Extensions page, not installed by pacman.

    The extension allows to choose the interval, with which extensions are checked for updates, from hours to weeks. Surprisingly, the extension works and turns to be quite useful.

  • @just what do you mean by “for a month or so” it’s available? Will it stop being avail.?

  • @antergosfgm said in How do I move the gnome left side taskbar to the bottom?:

    @just what do you mean by “for a month or so” it’s available?..

    It was published on Gnome Shell Extensions page about a month ago. It’s a new, fresh extension.

    Will it stop being avail.?

    It depends only on extension author’s decisions. Let’s hope it will last for a long time.

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