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    I have been using Linux on and off my entire life. Sadly that does not mean I have become an expert. I mostly figured out how to run the programs I needed and asked for help when I failed.

    I want to know how everything works and why, I want to fix problems when they come around and know Linux (and yes I mean the systems built on the linux kernel lol) like the back of my hand.

    I was going to take courses at the Linux Academy but thought I’d ask here for ideas and suggestions. What are other courses, sites, books, etc that I should do to actually become an expert in everything linux?

  • @noobertroon I’m not an expert but a “newbiert” :)
    Ii learn a lot testing stuffs on virtualbox, installing virtual machine makes you “play” with the system without worrying about breaking your real machine.

  • Yea that is good, and partly why I made my main OS Antergos (not to do testing, but to have nothing but Linux).

    The issue with that is knowing what to do. I get it if you have an idea, and then go figure it out, but without any ideas it is hard to be learning. So just looking for more options I guess, and something to follow along maybe. I dunno.

  • Off course you can do the Linux academy, but in my opinion you’ll learn it using a system actively. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that’s your learning moment and you will never forget.
    If you want to run Linux as your main system and you’re worried about breaking the system, just do a dual boot. Antergos to explore and for example Linux Mint to fall back on. If Antergos breaks, the easiest thing to do is to do a reinstall. The developers gave us the most easiest tool to do that; Cnchi!!!😎

  • What do you mean “Off Course”. The linux academy is a course…?

    And as I said above you, thats great an all if you know what to play around with and figure out. I would have no idea what to do to learn the system perfectly.

  • It’s a typo, I meant ofcourse. (English isn’t my first language, I’m Dutch and live and work in the Netherlands)
    I understand your point, but the Arch wiki is a great resource medium to begin with. My suggestion was just more in line to start learning about Linux, without the obligation in doing a course.
    If it really appeals to you, then you can sign in for a course to get more deeper knowledge.

  • I do like the idea of following a course that is why I ask.

    And well Linux Academy is a bit expensive. I would want to be sure ready kind of thing before spending that cash. I am and will be playing around with linux in VMs and such but was hoping for a free or cheaper resource of sorts I guess.


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