Hello Everyone,

This question might be geared more towards Windows 10, but I think it’s due to having a dual boot system…so that’s why I am asking in here.

I recently swapped out my wifi card in my Dell XPS 13 for an Intel 8260. I did this mainly because I currently dual-boot both Windows 10 and Arch-Linux (Antergos).

I’ve noticed that at times when I go from Linux to Windows, it appears that the bluetooth driver with my Intel 8260 is not working: http://imgur.com/a/HZln6

I am using the latest version of the bluetooth drivers from Intel’s website. I can fix the problem by downloading the driver and ‘repairing’ the installation (reinstalls the bluetooth driver), and this fixes the issue and bluetooth works…however after booting into Linux and back into Windows, it is broken again. If I continuously boot into Windows 10, there are NO issues with the bluetooth.

Anyone help me with my intermittent issues with Bluetooth with the Intel 8260 in Windows 10?

Thanks in advance!