• Is there a model for a wiki article to document laptop compatibility ?

    Hi, I’m planning to move a draft of an Arch wiki article to the Antergos wiki. The article is about feedback of running Antergos on a Dell E6420. (I though it would be relevant to Arch users as nothing seemed Antergos specific but got mostly disagreements about that so I can’t put it in the Arch Wiki).

    As Antergos doesn’t use MediaWiki, are there existing articles about laptops that I could use as models? I couldn’t find one for now.

    Article draft: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/User:Tuxayo/Dell_Latitude_E6420

  • Hi,

    I’m afraid there is not. I’m not confortable how the wiki is arranged, but I’m a bit lost of how to improve it.

    Anyways, please, do write the article and add it.

    Oh, bear in mind that sometimes the article takes a bit to show after you have edited it (don’t ask me why).

    Thanks for you collaboration, it’s greatly appreciated.


  • @karasu

    I’m not confortable how the wiki is arranged

    I also agree :-(

    Anyways, please, do write the article and add it.

    So here it is :)


    edit: lol, if I post the link to our own wiki, it’s filtered as spam. >_< So omitted it and then I edited the post to add it…

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