• Brother dcp132-w won't print

    Guys, I am having a problem: I cant print via my brother dcp132-w . I have installed the ppd manually, the printer is being recognized in cups, but I get the status message :"Idle - “File “/usr/lib/cups/filter/brother_lpdwrapper_dcpj132w” not available: No such file or directory”.
    Any ideas?

  • Push. Nobody?

  • Jeanie,
    Have you looked in the AUR? I looked quick but only see DCP-130 & DCP135. I can’t located your printer on Brothers site. Is that the correct model#?
    I have DCP-7040 and installed the driver from AUR and works flawless. For scanning my printer uses brscan3 driver and that is also in AUR and works fine. If you want to scan, I would double check your model# and find out which brscan driver it uses on brothers site.

  • Scanning works fine with brscan4.
    There is no driver on the aur for my dcp-j132w in the aur, the AUR drivers for the 130 and 135 models do not work.

  • Jeanie,
    I’m not sure what else you can try. Maybe ask here or on Arch Linux forum about having the PPD file you downloaded from Brother site to have it packaged and put in the AUR. When it comes to building packages I have never done it and have no clue how to, so I can’t help you there. Sorry!
    Arch Wiki has info on how to build packages. Just search for PKGBUILD if you’d like to try yourself.
    Good Luck and I hope you get it working!

  • @Jeannie____ wow thats very surprising it didnt work out of the box. Brother i thought had good linux support. they even have a page for linux


    ive got to say adding printers in linux can sometimes be tricky. how are you setting up the printer? whenever a driver doesnt work i always delete printer and start over with new printer install.

    i have a Dell printer and it took me several times to get it working.

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