• QT5 Config broke on fresh install of MATE

    @635 ok, you’ll need to compare if they are the same…
    EDIT: i really don’t know if there is a way to fix your problem without reinstalling the first packages (and i don’t know which ones), but i’m convinced that installing the KDE pkgs created the problem for you…

  • @fernandomaroto Thanks again for the help. I’m going to hang back from just installing the packages in your list that aren’t in mine until I can work out the cause of the issue. Does this issue happen when you try and install keepassx2 (qt4) and/or kdenlive (qt5) in your virtual machine?

    Should this issue be reported to someone from Antergos?

  • @635 I’m still with the VmM opened here, i’ll try to install them and get back to you…
    kdenlive i have on my RM and it’s working fine.

  • @fernandomaroto said in QT5 Config broke on fresh install of MATE:

    …i’m convinced that installing the KDE pkgs created the problem for you…

    That’s for sure! Kde treats Qt5 completely differently from Gtk, that’s why ArchWiki has a dedicated section about Qt5 under Gtk.

  • Want to use QT5 applications? Use Plasma5, done. GTK3 is a pita, especially when it comes to using QT5 or GTK2 apps under it. I even abandoned MATE after 5 years of usage completely when they made the move libgnome3 GTK3.

  • @635 ok, i installed both packages and qt5 on Mate is still working, i just couldn’t restart the pc to confirm more.
    I have no ideia what else you can do, sorry friend :(

  • @fernandomaroto Ok. Thanks for taking the time to help and staying with me.

    I guess at worst I can just use XFCE or Gnome where I don’t get the error.

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