• Cannot install Antergos as a dual boot option using new Dell XPS 13

    Hey everyone, first I’m sorry for the really long post, I added a TL;DR section in the end but I’d be happy if you could try and read everything to understand my problem better, also sorry for possible typos and grammar mistakes since English is not my native language + I’m writing this post using my phone.

    I’m not a total newbie to Linux, I already installed and used several Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Antergos and Manjaro.

    A week ago I purchased a new laptop, Dell XPS 13 (9360) which came with Windows, and after some basic setup and use i wanted to start the stage I most waited for - installing Linux as a second OS I’ll use more for development, the distro I chose is Antergos since I really fell in love with Arch but I’m still don’t know enough to install it from scratch, and Antergos does a wonderful job doing that and adds some excellent features of its own.

    As I said I already installed Linux with dual boot option but I still read the Dual Boot Manual also available in the the Antergos site to make sure I’m doing everything fine. These are the steps that went exactly as expected :

    1. Created a bootable USB using Rufus and the Antergos ISO, in Rufus I selected the GPT partition style after checking it as the manual said.

    2. Created a Windows recovery USB.

    3. Shrunk the main (and only non recovery or system) partition by about 60gb.

    4. Disabled windows’ fast boot option.

    5. Disabled “Secure Boot” in the UEFI options.

    This is where the problems started:
    My next step was to change the boot order to boot from the USB before Windows, I turned off the computer, attached the USB and started using F2 to enter setup, when I checked the boot order I had only one option and it’s “Windows Boot Manager”, I double checked everything and started again and still I had only that option.
    After some tries I had another option with the name of my SSD that didn’t help either.
    I entered the advanced boot options and enabled legacy boot, as I said i’m not really holding enough knowledge to know exactly what it does. After doing that and rebooting I had the option with the USB drive but after googling I read somewhere it’s not advised to setup using legacy boot.
    I restored the BIOS settings to default, disabled secure boot and rebooted (powering off and on, not a normal restart) without letting it load windows again but going straight into setup and everything was like before.
    Once again after some changes i restored the BIOS default settings, and rebooted straight into the UEFI settings, then surprisingly I had the USB as my only booting option, I rebooted and seen the menu where I can choose which setup version of Antergos I want to use (graphical interface, command line etc.) and started the setup which I did already few times using the graphical interface.

    After a few setup screens for locale and stuff I got to the part I need to choose where to install it, I chose to select a partition but in the screen where it should show me all the partitions the table was blank, no partitions listed, not even the one which exists with my windows setup.

    I canceled the installation and rebooted without my USB drive into Windows, then rebooted into BIOS and again only Windows Boot Manager in the boot options.
    I did those steps few times with no change.

    I must mention I did not use another USB drive since I used this exact one to boot and setup Antergos a while ago on another computer, I did use another USB port though with no change in the results.

    What can be my problem and how can I solve it? As I said the computer is new and I did t want to mess with it too much and risk it.

    TL;DR - can’t see the USB drive with Antergos setup on it after following all the steps needed, I can see it when enabling legacy boot but didn’t know if I should use it, when restoring BIOS settings to default with USB attached i can see ONLY the USB but when setting up now partitions listed in the partition selection screen.

    Thanks everyone who had the energy and time to read everything! Hope you could help me since I really want to use Antergos Linux as my main development environment.

  • Sorry but I’ve got to bump it, 2 days and i still find no answer,

    I’ll make it much shorter: Does booting in Legacy mode changes anything?
    Is it normal that i see the USB only by enable Legacy ROMs boot mode?

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