• MATE 1.18 Now Available

    Today, packages for MATE Desktop 1.18 were moved from our staging repo into the main antergos repo. There are no known issues…

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  • Antergos Mate looks great 👍

  • This post is deleted!
  • Pretty, I’ve actually gotten use to the Gnome shell now, took a while, but once you get it, it is pretty fast and nice. But that looks great.

  • I stand corrected.

  • All mouse buttons work in Mate 1.18 as usual.

    • Left/Right buttons do left/right clicks
    • Wheel up/down scrolls the content up/down
    • Wheel left/right scrolls the content left/right
    • Wheel 1st press switches free scrolling in any direction with mouse moves on
    • Wheel 2nd press switches free scrolling off
    • Mouse Back returns back to a previously viewed content, whether it hovers over something or not
    • Mouse Forward returns forward to a just viewed content, whether it hovers over something or not

    Nothing special. Everything as usual.

  • I stand corrected.

  • Abusus non tollit usum.

  • @d_K Please, do not remove your questions from the thread. Otherwise, the answers to silently removed questions have no sense and look out of place.

    Thank you.

  • Antergos Mate 1.18 becomes a sweet candy with Compiz 0.9 installed.

    └─> pacman -Qii compiz
    Name            : compiz
    Version         :
    Description     : Composite manager for Aiglx and Xgl, with plugins and CCSM
    Architecture    : x86_64
    URL             : https://launchpad.net/compiz
    Licenses        : GPL  LGPL  MIT
    Groups          : None
    Provides        : compiz-core=  compiz-bcop=  ccsm=
                      compiz-plugins-main=  compiz-plugins-extra=
                      compizconfig-python=  libcompizconfig=
    Depends On      : boost  xorg-server  libxcomposite  startup-notification
                      librsvg  dbus  mesa  libxslt  fuse  glibmm  libxrender
                      libwnck3  pygtk  desktop-file-utils  pyrex  protobuf
                      metacity  glu  libsm  dconf
    Optional Deps   : xorg-xprop: grab various window properties for use in window
                      matching rules [installed]
    Required By     : None
    Optional For    : None
    Conflicts With  : compiz-core  compiz-gtk  compiz-bcop  ccsm
                      compiz-fusion-plugins-main  compiz-fusion-plugins-extra
                      compiz-fusion-plugins-experimental  compizconfig-python
                      libcompizconfig  simple-ccsm
    Replaces        : None
    Installed Size  : 21.67 MiB
    Packager        : Unknown Packager
    Build Date      : Wed 22 Mar 2017 11:16:16 MSK
    Install Date    : Wed 22 Mar 2017 11:16:34 MSK
    Install Reason  : Explicitly installed
    Install Script  : No
    Validated By    : None
    Backup Files    :

    Compiz 0.9 has matured with time, and now includes even more options than venerable Compiz 0.8.

  • @just i didnt even know Compiz was still being worked on. good to know ill have to try it out again sometime 👍

  • @megaman I replace Marco by Compiz, to avoid screen tearing with default Mate’s window manager.

    compiz --replace

    A zillion of fancy screen effects is good too.



  • After the update last week, I can no longer place a folder shortcut on the MATE panel. Is there a work around?

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