• Annoying volume icon pop up

    Does anybody know how to get rid of the annoying volume icon widget that pops up in the middle of the screen when adjusting the sound volume with the Fn key or mouse scroll wheel? When using the sliders, it does not appear.


  • @joekamprad Thanks
    The information helped me not directly, but gave me an idea where to look.
    I solved the problem by renaming (commenting out) the Osditem.qml file.


  • @joekamprad To add an answer to your question. Yes, plasma. Maia Dark as base, Qtcurve, and an edited color scheme. I changes the default green to Prussian Blue. the side panel was inspired by the Kaos desktop. Took some getting used to but love it now. It makes sense to have it on the side with a wide screen laptop. Icons: Sardi-Flat-Evopop.

  • Good that i was able to push you in the right direction ;)
    I am on Gnome for long time… but your Plasma setup looks like a good solution for (impov) microsoft alike KDE standard position and handling of menues…

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