• ATTN Testers: MATE 1.18 Now In Staging Repo

    If anyone has time to test it, please let me know how the upgrade goes. THANKS!

  • @lots-0-logs

    On a freshly installed Antergos Mate 17.3 the upgrade from 1.16.1 to 1.18.0 goes without a problem. Full terminal output is on Paste2 here.

    Didn’t have a time to study 1.18 in details yet. Will continue tomorrow.


  • I didn’t know that not expanded default Mate panels may be shifted left-right, top-bottom from their central horizontal and vertical positions, breaking the boring symmetry.

    If it’s a bug, I like it a lot :) :


    Other than that, the rest of Mate 1.18 behaves regularly, there’s nothing interesting to mention.

  • One surprise after another.

    It is possible not only move Mate panels from their default centered positions. It’s also possible to have multiple independent panels on the same screen edge.

    Mate 1.18

    It’s not a Mate feature. Shifted and multiple panels are avilable even in Gnome 2 - the best DE ever made.

    Gnome 2.32

    I’m running Gnome 2 since 2005, but only now discover these features in it :astonished: . 12 years later. Shame on me :( .

  • I’ll start testing in VM now.
    OBS: @just i don’t remember the mate panel with the split hability… But allways was the most configurable panel i tested…
    EDIT: found bugs on fresh installed VM, can’t test MATE right now :(

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