• Gnome doesn't detect ext monitor via HDMI, with VGA works fine

    @uksurd Yes, I just see a pointer and black screen, can move pointer after booting. When I try using TTY, it doesn’t respond, stays black with same pointer. Should I use GRUB commandline or try booting in safe mode (CLI)

    This is the log from sudo mkinitcpio -p linux earlier.
    alt text

  • @uksurd I used the fallback version, it booted fine, as soon as entered my password, it hanged and brightness went bit lower. I am tryng disable lightdm and enable gdm.

  • @joekamprad Hey, so removed lightdm and installed gdm. It booted fine, but again while entering password it hangs. So, it is like as soon as it boots up, I have 10 secs and it freezes (same with lightgdm), can’t use TTY also, can still move the pointer.

  • do you remove the xorg.conf already?

    sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf
  • @joekamprad Yes, I did already

  • @joekamprad I can do a fresh install, and try again some steps in a series, if it makes it easier?

  • boot in rescue modus… and take a look to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ directory there must be .conf files that should not be there
    Bild Text

    press “e” and put a “1” between rw and quiet, then press [ctrg+X] or [F10] to boot

  • @joekamprad yes there are 3 files,
    00-keyboard.conf 50-synaptics.conf 99-killX.conf

    Should I remove all 3?

  • yes you can savely remove them…
    what says

    pacman -Qs nvidia


  • @joekamprad Hey, I can boot up into gdm now. Looks fine

    Output of pacman -Qs nvidia

    alt text

  • nvidia-utils you can safely uninstall…

  • read this then before try again to get ext. monitor working…


  • @joekamprad Thanks, I have read this and tried it before to get the ext monitor working, couldn’t get it working. Actually, gdm is hanging again with 10 secs problem, I am using rescue mode, as you suggested, and it works fine.

  • you are able to start gnome or not?

  • @joekamprad yes, but it hangs in less than 10 secs(default mode), but with rescue mode it works

  • The rescue mode i show you was starting without X …

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