• Error with "ca-certificate-utils" package installation

    Hello Everyone,

    Every time I do an update of my system, I get the following error when trying to install “ca-certificate-utils” package installation:

    Do I need to remove the existing file or clear the pacman update cache or something? Just want to get rid of this error and be able to update my system normally again!

    Thanks in advance for everyone’s time and help, it is greatly appreciated!


  • @a4orce84 Hi! link text

    PS: We should try to look for our problem in the forum before posting… There are actually 5 posts about it already…

  • Sorry about that! Thanks sir! =)

  • I had the same problem I think. I learned early on to check https://www.archlinux.org/ and read the latest news in the event of something like this. I can only speak for myself, but the fix in the first article worked for me. Good luck.

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