KDE cant start, home directory is out oft space.

Hi guys, last night i installed Windows7 in Virtualbox and downloaded a few Programms. The weird part is that at some point KDE told me that my space is running out even though i only downloaded something for my 60gb Windows VHD. I simply looked with gparted how much was used, it was at its normal Space with 230 GB used on a 1tb SSD. Today i got the error message: $HOME directory (/home/me) is out of disk space. When i click ok, get a black screen with the Text: could not Start ksmserver, check your Installation.

I tried to delete all Virtualbox files (because i assume that VB messed up my disk) by using my Live Antergos USB Stick. But i coulndt acces my encrypted partition or change/delete keys because of this: Device /dev/sda2 doesn’t exist or access denied.

Can you help me getting my Linux running again? Thank you for your answers