• Openbox shutdown button not working

    anyone else having issues with the shutdown button on openbox? just started recently. you hit it and it restarts the computer most of the time. every so often it will work. bizarre! 😮

  • @megaman I’m not using Openbox, although i use oblogout (made for Openbox) here on my i3 wm, and it’s working fine…

  • @fernandomaroto ya really weird. ill keep testing it never had this issue before.

  • @megaman you probably know about /etc/oblogout.conf right?

    Is your poweroff like this?

    shutdown = systemctl poweroff

  • @fernandomaroto ya i did check out that file and the command is correct. i wonder if a theme is making it act weird?

    im gonna try a few different things see if it helps. just wanted to make sure no one else was having same issue.

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