• Option to bundle duplicate forums/topics

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    Is it possible to “bundle” duplicate forums or to create this “tool”? It would help to organize the forum a lot, since when there is a problem few persons take a look at the forum before posting…

    Just a thought.

  • @fernandomaroto duplicate posts you mean? not sure i understand?

  • Just to examplify more, i guess at least can be added a buttom to “suggest as duplicate” even for normal users.
    This forum has something similar Ask_Ubuntu_forum

  • @fernandomaroto ok i understand now. yes! that would be a good option 👍 ive seen this on many other forums and i think it would cut down on so many new topics being made. ill link @lots-0-logs and see if he has time to take a look at that. see if the forum software has options for that.

  • @megaman ok, and i understand that give ideas is easy, but make it work will demand work (a lot maybe)…
    Thanks for your attention.

  • @fernandomaroto i think it mostly depends on what the forum software has as options. some of these things are built in and you just flick a switch to turn it on. other forum software they have lots of mods that you can use. im not that familiar with NodeBB. for sure a good suggestion though.

  • I agree that would be nice to have. It doesn’t look like there is such a plugin currently available for our forum software. However, after I get the forum caught up to the latest version (its way behind right now) I can look into creating the plugin myself. Thanks for the idea, its a good one! 👍

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