• My screen is going to h*** in a hand basket at night.

    I have what I think is a rather strange problem; when I first use the system in the morning the screen is crystal clear. Text on reddit and any other site is very easy to read, great contrast, BUT around about 7:00PM my display starts to turn to s**t but then when I leave for the night the next morning the screen is great again.
    Gets all grainy and text on some sites is incredibly hard to read.
    I have tried running without xf86-video-intel using modesetting instead, no change, I disabled the DM, sddm in my case, and use startx, no change. I have rebooted so many times it’s ridiculous, thinking that might be the problem; long usage.
    My computer is 9years old, or there abouts, Toshiba L355 S7902 and runs great.
    My system is totally up to date, as I run pacman or pacaur -Syu more than 2-3x;s a day.
    I tried install xflux but that didn’t help at all, in fact, to me, it made it worse.
    I have run out of ideas, do any of you guys/gals have an idea?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Try to run another OS or distro in live mode or install it on a small partition (ubuntu, mint, or Windows, whatever), just to rule out that it isn’t a hardware problem.

  • Just booted up the Antergos live dvd and opened Chromium and went to reddit.com/r/linux
    and the screen is grainy.
    Now, I can guarantee, tomorrow morning the screen will be fine.
    Sure wish I knew what is going on.

  • Well I booted up Linux Mnt 18 Xfce and the results are the same, grainy.
    Guess I will have to keep looking. Tried xflux iwith different gammas and that didn’t help either.

  • @herbie
    Is not a monitor problem?
    Do you have redshift or blueshift installed (or any other color/temperature monitor changer)?

  • No nothing else is started. I had thought that maybe using xflux, from commandline, would do something, but alas, nothing different.
    I think it is a h/w problem but be darned if I know what as I said, it will be fine in the morning. Just that at about 7:30pm the screen gets grainy.
    I have looked thru the BIOS and there iis nothing there to modify in the way of display brightness/contrast.
    Thanks so much for your reply as any help now is deeply appreciated.

  • @herbie And you didn’t create any systemd service about that?

    And here is the link text of some tools that you maybe played around :)

  • My display is perfect this morning soI may give that a try tonite if my display goes wonky, which I am sure it will.
    Thanks so much for the link, now I have to determine video, as in Integrated Intel.
    Just found I have G45.

  • @herbie Ok, you’re welcome, i must say i have no more ideas hehehehe.
    Good luck 👍

  • Well, it’s past 7:30PM and I have rebooted as well and the screen if fine so far.
    What I did was use xbacklight -inc 20 until the screen was what I thought it should be.
    Now, crystal clear, really sharp. Sure hope it stays this way cause this is one great screen.

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