• How to use Wine

    I have installed “wine” “wine-mono” and “winetricks” from the official repositories but when I click on any of the icons to launch them nothing happens.

    The mouse loading animation occurs for 10 seconds and then nothing. How do I go about installing a Windows program?

  • winetricks

    inside a terminal maybe?


    You can run it from a console window with: $ wine winecfg, or $WINEPREFIX=~/.some_prefix wine winecfg

    and may you want install wine_gecko too


  • Thanks. Will check out the wiki and try that. Will let you know if I have any issues.

  • Alright so it seems I need the 32bit version of Wine.

    I have read through the help doc without luck. Not even sure if I have broken everything or not. How the heck do I run the 32bit version on a 64bit system.

    I ran these two things and nothing really happened. It opened up winecfg but then what?

    $ WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/win32 winecfg
    $ WINEPREFIX=~/win64 winecfg
  • Why don’t you use playonlinux? It uses wine and it’s easy to use…

  • Is that not just for games?

  • @noobertroon no
    And there are 2 ways of installing stuffs through it, installing from a list and not listed programs… Give it a try, you won’t be disapointed…

  • Thanks.

    You are correct. I was able to get the program I want installed real quick. It crashes on startup but that is much further along than before. I will now head to the playonlinux support to figure this out further.

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