• No longer login in Gnome after installing GDM

    Hi guys,

    I’ve changed my display manager and change the default one for GDM.
    My problem now is when I try to login in Gnome Session computer freezes after login. On the other hand, I can login in Gnome on Xorg without problems. Any idea to be able to login in Gnome Session again?


  • choose gnome-Xorg session inside gdm…
    Bild Text

  • @joekamprad Thanks for the answering, I was answering what is the difference between both.


  • Ahoi ;)

    Gnome standard is now wayland session called only Gnome is the Gnome-Wayland session…

    Normal behavior is that if you choose gnome (wayland) GDM try to start a wayland session and if this fails taking Xorg session… but as you see it freeze for you on fail…

  • @joekamprad Thanks for the information. Are there any difference in terms of performance, characteristics, etc?


  • I get wayland working a month ago and it was just better quality on watching video and also better fonts…
    But never get back to starup with wayland under gnome…

  • and thank to you reminding me on Wayland i get it back working!

    I can not start wayland session because of conky! After disable conky autostarting i am back to wayland session.

  • @joekamprad I have been using conky for a while in other distros but it is not configured in my laptop with Antergos yet. Because of that I suppose that it cannot be the problem. Are you using Gnome as well?


  • gnome here too…
    And you are right i reenable conky and put sleep to 25sec. and i can start wayland and conky under xwayland then…
    But before i disable all autostart programms + shell extensions and reenable one after the other … last one was conky …
    Wayland is not that stable itself then…

  • @joekamprad Maybe the question is effectively disable start up programs and extensions and login into Wayland. After that reenable everything. I have to check out that.


  • As i can see at my System and Setup nouveau+gnome+wayland is still not working well… i go back to Nvidia Driver and xorg-session because i got Screen flickering with noveau.

  • @joekamprad Deactivating Startup apps and extensions worked partially. I was able to log into Wayland but some parts of the system worked funny. Some extensions that usually works with Wayland didn´t work. There was no way to make to work plank and other apps. Because of that at the end I left the laptop working in xorg-session.

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