• How to Handle Updates

    So I am new here, new to a rolling release and arch.

    It seems updates are available more often. I am wondering what the normal practice is, or what most people do with updates. Do you update all the time, reboot once in awhile. Do you do updates once or twice a month and then reboot. Do you update and reboot right away?

    What is the right way, if there is one?

  • Once a week is a good practice, and reboot is only necessary if e.g. The core is updated or the drivers for graphics cards e.t.c.
    It is always good to keep informed if an update may lead to problems.
    But it is always possible to roll back.

  • Thanks. I do have an update for the core right now. Makes sense.

    You say good to keep informed, what do you refer to exactly…you mean checking a forum like this?

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