• Is there any Google Drive GUI package +sync?

    Hi, as the title says, i want some package to manage my google drive account, something like Dropbox does, so i won’t need to open a browser to manage it…
    Or even maybe a Dropbox alternative (with GUI) if you know some, since my Dropbox is filling fast :p

  • @fernandomaroto
    Try insync and insync-(your window manager)

    It works more or less like dropbox.

  • @fernandomaroto There’s also grive in AUR, though I never tried it personally.

  • @linuxited ok, i’ll give it a try
    @just yes, i looked in Arch/Antergos/AUR repos, but i wanted to know if someone actually uses something related, since the packages descriptions are usually not enough for a good conclusion.
    Anyway i’ll test in VM first.
    I’m still open to suggestions.
    Thanks for your help so far 👍

  • marking the thread as solved, grive2 seems to fit my needs for sync service.
    Thanks to all that contributed.

  • You can also try MEGASync (AUR) from MEGA which gives you 50Gb cloud storage for free.
    I did some sync and storage tests the past few days and it works pretty well.

  • @fernandomaroto What commands did you use to install grive2?

  • @linuxited yes, i have megasync here as well, but i’m not using sync these days, so i’m not using megasync, nor dropbox now.

    @ghostdawg Hi! well at the end the program runned fine in VM but not im my real pc, so i didn’t go far.
    The first usage you need to run grive -a in the grive directory, then “Visit the URL that comes up, then post the auth code given”…
    take a look here http://yourcmc.ru/wiki/Grive2#Installation for more info

  • @fernandomaroto OK. Thanks. I’ll give it a look and see if I want to mess with it.

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