• Screen Recorder (Screenshot and Video)

    For work I use was using a program called CloudApp.

    It does a selection (drag to select area) where I can either record or take screenshot (with keyboard shortcut). It then would upload and provide me a URL.

    Sadly this program isn’t available yet. So I need to drop in a video/image into the CloudApp site. To do that I still need a program that can record your screen as well as take a screenshot (by selection).

    I know of a few that does one or the other, but would like one that does both?

    Any ideas/suggestions?

  • Nothing eh. Dang, that isn’t good.

    I wish I knew how to code, I’d do it myself lol

  • @noobertroon Hi! for screenshots i use shutter, and lightshot (if you’re willing to use playonlinux, lightshot is the best)
    I never tried anything for videos, i’d also be interested in knowing a tool for that…

  • On gnome there are buildin:
    The egg laying woolly milk sheep sow is not yet available

  • Thanks, using Cinnamon currently.

    That also does not look to do selections, at least not for video which I do need.

  • they are a lot of tools for it if you want something with a gui:


    yaourt -S kazam
  • Thanks for that. That is the one I am currently using. It does video and screenshots but its broken on Cinnamon (menu appears top left) and sadly does not provide a way to upload and get a link.

    That I can live with for the time being. The problem with Kazam is there are no keyboard shortcuts to do it. But I think Kazam is going to be the best option right now.

  • recordMyDesktop

    some more ;)

  • I’ll make sure to check some of those out (already did a few) but I don’t think you are reading my requirements.

    I appreciate the suggestions but I don’t just need a screen recorder, or a screenshot app.

    • takes both video and screenshots
    • does a selection by mouse of what to record
    • offers keyboard shortcuts to do it
    • uploads or offers a way to upload and provides link

    So I only asked here to see if it was possible as I feel it isn’t really, not with those requirements. Kazam comes the closest so far.

  • RecordItNow seems to have most of what you want…

  • Will have to take a look, that was one I didn’t look at yet.

    Though, does it not require KDE? I have cinnamon…

  • @noobertroon have some deps from kde but not much, will work inside cinnamon

  • So as it turns out, much of the apps can work but the video recorded once uploaded to CloudApp for some reason only work for people using Chrome.

    So actually I have found recording the screen as a GIF works best. I found Peek for this but it seems to be having issues.

    Wondering if anyone knows of other apps that work on Antergos that record a selection of the screen as a gif video?

  • For screenshots I prefer ScreenCloud (https://screencloud.net/) because of it’s simplicity, and for recording screens I prefer OBS Studio (https://obsproject.com/)

  • Seems this is the most suggestions we will get.

    For whatever reason any videos recorded in any format (MPV or MKV) that get uploaded to CloudApp can not be viewed by anyone other than Chrome users. Firefox provides an error (and since I am share these with many people, can’t ask them to fix an issue even if it can be resolved). That is where I got the idea to use GIF images instead. (default cloudapp actually does this, didn’t know that).

    Peek is the best one to do this, but has many issues currently. Will put up with it until it gets fixed. I am marking this solved though unless anyone else have suggestions they want to add.

    Thanks guys.

  • Thanks for the info

  • I think these guys recommending PixlRec are bots. Freshly registered, one post, clearly didn’t read the topic. @Community-Moderators

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