I’m using Antergos on a Samsung 7 Slate Tablet (basically a x64 PC with a touchscreen). Since I need to login by using the touchscreen I would like to use caribou (which is gnome’s standard onscreen keyboard) at the login screen and also use it as a keyboard replacement in general.

Issue #1
There are several threads on the internet on how to make the “onboard” onscreen keyboard work with LightDM. Simply installing onboard and lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings and selecting onboard from the list worked for me. But I want to use caribou instead of onboard. Typing “caribou” or pointing to /usr/lib/caribou/caribou in the settings menu for the onscreen keyboard does not work for me.

Issue #2
caribou worked for me as it should (except from being unavailable in the login screen). However, as I installed a certain gnome extension (https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1024/caribou-resize-workspace/), the keyboard turned semi-transparent (which is not a bad thing, but also nothing I intended) and it does not pop up when I place my cursor in textfields in chromium any more. It does still work for other applications, such as Terminal or any other application I tried.

Thanks for any help.