• KDE Plasma: Font not changing

    Heyo guys, I’ve got a question:
    I’m trying to change the font using KDE System Settings > Fonts.
    Sadly, it does not apply my chosen font, even after a restart it still does not change. Does anyone know how to solve this?

  • I am facing the same issue have tried it for months and given up

    my desktop looks so ugly in roman font and i just cannot use it

    tried everything . change the gtk font, install new themes, change fonts from system setting . nothing works

    please help

  • archwikisays: If you are using qt5ct, the settings in Qt5 Configuration Tool may override the font settings in System Settings.

    And when i remember: @just too was talking bad about using qt5ct under plasma ?

    But this is only hypothesis.

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    how to add system logs:
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  • @joekamprad said in KDE Plasma: Font not changing:

    And when i remember: @just too was talking bad about using qt5ct under plasma ?

    That’s right. If qt5ct is installed in Plasma, then it overrides styles and fonts settings made in Plasma System Settings. All Qt5 settings in effect are those made in qt5ct; those made in System Settings are ignored.

    qt5ct is for Gtk-based DEs only. Not for Qt-based.

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