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    I just installed the latest Openbox version, installed Displaylink and have it going with 3 monitors. All is good but installing Wine always seems tricky for me. So I chose the option to install PlayonLinux when I did the install, it is there and I do see a wine folder. I looked in pacman and see wine is installed but no wine-mono, wine_gecko or winetricks is installed. Do I need them? Also, if I’m going to be running Office 2010 32-Bit do I still need to do the 32 bit libs? Are there any command line instructions out there that will make this easy or can I just install from repositories and/or AUR?

  • @jaws222 Hi! i use playonlinux here. Whenever some program need wine-mono and gecko playonlinux will prompt a message asking if you want to install them, very simple; then you just need to install them.
    I guess the easiest way is to use the own playonlinux binary to install and run stuffs.
    If you need to manually edit some file you can access the app’s folders through the link inside you home folder, called PlayOnLinux's virtual drives

  • I tried and it didn’t work. I get setup errors in Playonlinux. Tried it in wine and the same thing. I uninstalled both Playonlinux and wine. Will reboot and try another method. I got it to work with Antergos on a distro a few years back. Gonna see if I could dig up that install info.

  • @jaws222 Ok, not every program run the way it should on playonlinux/wine… Did you installed the virtual machine as 32 bits? Also you can change the Windows version from xp to 7, 8, 10 or older versions

  • I actually skipped past that and went straight to the directory where Office was and just ran the setup.exe. Hmmm. maybe I’ll try that. Not to good with PlayonLinux.

  • Still no luck. Tried everything I could think of.

  • @jaws222 Then probably won’t work. * Although there is an option installing from a list, you can try also to install as non listed program. Not sure if you tried both…
    Do you mind if i ask you why do you need Office? LibreOffice (or other suite office) can’t do the job for you?

  • I love Libreoffice but when dealing with Resumes there’s always a slight difference.

    However it looks like I solved my problem. I found something called Crossover which is actually in pacman. Gave it a whirl with office 2010 and it works perfectly! Check it out if you get a chance. Thanks for all your help.

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