• Windows 10 dual boot

    When i set the windows system boot partition as the /boot/efi, the cnchi installer can not install boot saying:
    “2017-03-8 16:10:00 [DEBUG] grub2.py(390) install_efi(): Path ‘/install/boot/grub/x86_64-efi/core.efi’ doesn’t exist, when it should”
    and such.
    The windows system had not be formated to be fat32 but was in a windows system partition format.
    I believe my motherboard is running UEFI since I have it selected in the BIOS and its a recent motherboard.

    I have windows 10 installed and am trying to install antergos as dual boot


  • @sudomato You create partitions in cnchi or gparted? You disable “Secure boot” in bios?

  • @X4ndrius Yes I am making the partition through the cnchi installer and secure boot is off

  • @sudomato Can you wright what partitions on you HDD? Windows installer create a 3 partitions. And you need create 3 partition to install Antergos /boot/efi, swap and /.

  • @X4ndrius
    /dev/sda1 windows system <-- I toggle that as /boot/efi
    /dev/sda2 windows files
    /dev/sda3 linux files <-- toggled as /
    /dev/sda4 swap <— toggled as swap

  • @sudomato no need toggle /dev/sda1. Its a Windows loader. If you format them windows not boot. You need create a new partition /boot/efi in fat32.

  • @X4ndrius For UEFI I believe you toggle the already made windows boot loader, don’t you make a separate partition when installing as legacy?

  • @sudomato Installer can not wright loader to windows system. If you create a /boot/efi in fat its not legacy.

  • @X4ndrius I can make a separate boot partition even for UEFI?

  • @sudomato If I’m not mistake, yes you can. If not, then just delete the new efi partition.

  • @X4ndrius Can you check that information? I don’t want to mess anything up

  • @sudomato You dont mess. UEFI Bios just see more options for boot. Having two EFI System Partitions (ESPs) on one disk is explicitly permitted by the EFI spec. But I still thought, you have disabled fast loading in windows?

  • Sorry, Something is wrong here.
    windows 10 on UEFI creates actually 3 partitions, not 2:

    1. System recovery (450MB)
    2. UEFI Boot (100MB)
    3. System Drive C:

    If you have a two partitions Setup, that indicates you have a legacy boot windows, or some modified Version from a preinstalled OEM windows or some s**t like that. and then it’s pretty hard to get it running.
    The easiest way of getting a UEFI-Dual Boot System is:

    1. Enable uefi boot only in bios
    2. install a clean Windows 10 from an UEFI Boot USB Stick, created with the mediacreator from Microsoft
    3. Install Antergos. Create an uefi partition (500M) and your system partitions. On a GPT Partition table you can create more than four primary partitions.
    4. Install the Boot loader into the MBR

    With this, Grub2-uefi will recognize Windows and you can boot up windows via grub.
    AFTER you set this up, you can try encrypting your windows drive with bitlocker. You can also enable Secureboot. But please check first if your bios allows you to add a custom boot image. /boot/efi/grubx64.efi

    Hope that helps.

  • @Arsimael 2 partitions its not legasy. Only there is no recovery system partition. It’s in the windows section. EFI partition closed to wright changes. Jast need create a second EFI partition. Grub pick up the windows boot.

  • Hi X4ndrius,

    As I said, on a Standard setup Windows 10 creates three Partitions if you install it on a GPT Drive with UEFI. And you normally can’t delete the System recovery partition.

    But you’re right. Unless Windows, grub is able to recognize “there is another OS” and includes it. Just create a second UEFI partition.


  • I was able to install a new HDD and dual Windows 10 and Antergos using the instructions for dual booting Manjaro 16 I linked below. These instructions use GPT not MBR… I used rufus (using the GPT partition scheme) to create by bootable Antergos USB stick.

    There are a few differences though, once completed, the instructions say you will boot into Manjaro (or Antergos in this case), and have to update GRUB. My HP laptop would not, it goes right into Windows 10 unless I hit the ESC key during boot up and select Antergos. It works for me, I’m not familiar enough with UEFI to screw around with the bootmanagers, bootmenu…


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