• Mouse wheel speed much too low


    I’m new on Antergos with Gnome and fully satisfied. In my eyes it’s much better than any ubuntu derivate.

    I’ve just one problem: the speed of my logitech mouse wheel is much too low.

    If i’d scroll a headline in chromium from bottom to top of my full hd screen i’ve to scroll the wheel three times, that is much to much scrolling for my fingers.

    Is there any workaround, because there are no preferences of the mouse wheel i can tune?

  • Hi

    I had a similar problem using an HP mouse with Chromium and Opera. There are a couple of extensions for Chromium that enable you to speed up and customise mouse scrolling. These are SmoothScroll and AutoScroll, both seem to do similar things.

  • One of the many customized flags in my Firefox install is mousewheel.min_line_scroll_amount to at least “70” 😃

  • Perfect tips, thank you.

    For Chromium i’ve taken this add-on: Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller

    For Firefox and Seamonkey i can use the flag in about:config.

    Solved! 😊

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