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    Hello, I am new to antergos/Arch linux and I am using the KDE environment which works fine. Since I usually use other specialist software eg. WPS office instead of libre office I have had some difficulty trying to install the wps code with pacman…it gives me a warning of the package not being verified but when i key “y” I get lost…is there a way round this? I have other packeges I need to install as well, many thanks

  • @philipmirabelli


    You have two ways.

    1.- Modify the pkgbuild, you must know what is done.

    2.-You can install a package download

    You open the console

    pacman -U / route / where is / package

    Installing unsigned packages or dubious sources is dangerous for the system

    Under your risk

    Adding repositories, is dangerous, in addition pacman uses a system by canon, that is, if a package is in repository 1, it will be the one that install.

    Therefore, you should not change the order of repositories.


  • WPS-Office is in AUR
    So you need to build it with a helper (makepkg – yaourt – pamac) …
    pacman can’t do that

  • ok thanks, I’ll try AUR…

  • Bild Text
    Build fine here…

    yaourt -S wps-office
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