• Strange monospace font on some applications.

    I noticed this a while ago in virtualbox and thought it’ll pass in the next update. But it’s starting to bother a bit now because I can’t read everything because of the size of the font. Now I noticed the problem in qbittorrent too. Here’s a picture to see what I’m talking about

    alt text

    Here’s my ‘fonts’ window in settings.
    alt text

    What should I change/do?

  • This may have been caused by installing a ton of fonts that wine usually does.

  • Both apps are QT :
    and you are under Gnome-Shell with GTK so use


    may help but i am not shure for qt5 ? some KDE Guys ready for help ?

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    how to add system logs
    i3 GNOME

  • Yes I ran that but had no idea what to do :D

    Will see tomorrow once I get more time. Thanks @joekamprad

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