• ISO Download Error

    Getting a redirect to an ISO file that does not exist. Steps to reproduce:


  • I think it’s the SourceForge error. A few days ago exactly the same error has happened in another distro. I didn’t follow the evolution of that problem.

    It’s impossible to d/l the ISO right now, either directly from SourceForge, or from Antergos home page links, that probably point to SourceForge.

    Solution: use some server that mirrors SourceForge. My preferred one is NLUUG Ftp server.

    Just finished to download Antergos-17.3 from NLUUG, without a problem. The downloaded ISO passes the check with md5sum, indicated in the MD5SUMS-17.3 file.

    Good luck

    Edit, few minutes later: The download directly from SourceForge starts and doesn’t return the error anymore right now. I interrupted the download though.

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