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    Hi everyone, total Linux noob here (sorry for that). I just installed Antergos and I’m trying to change the system language from Italian (my locale) to English. I’ve read multiple guides online but I can’t follow them… For instance, following Locale - ArchWiki I can’t save the /etc/locale.gen file after uncommenting en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 (permission denied). Which file name should I choose? How should I procede? Thanks in advance! (:

  • @Indovino hi.
    It depends on your Desktop Environment. Supposing it s Gnome, try this:

  • Yes it’s Gnome, i forgot. Problem is I can’t choose any other language to install in that menu. It only shows the current language.

  • @Indovino You’re doing everything right, the only problem is that the /etc/locale/gen file is owned by root, and probably you’re opening it as a regular user:

    └─> ls -lha /etc/locale.gen
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 9.4K Jan 14 20:37 /etc/locale.gen

    As you can see here, everyone can read the file, and even edit it, but only root has a write permission. He can save the modified file. You, as a regular user, can not.

    Open the file as root user with a simple command. In terminal:

    sudo gedit /etc/locale.gen

    Uncomment locales you wish to add, save the file (you’re root), and remember to regenerate locales after that:

    sudo locale-gen

    Reboot is not needed after that. IIRC, even logout is not needed. Newly added locales should be immediately available.

    Buona fortuna, e in bocca al lupo.

  • Yay, it worked (: Thank you!
    I better go search for some generic terminal guide out there.

  • Molto bene.

    Terminal è il tuo miglior amico in Linux. Non dovresti aver paura di usarlo. Col passare del tempo ti accorgerai di usarlo quasi costantemente.

    Una generica guiada al terminale potrebbe essere troppo complicata, o troppo “gonfiata”. Cerca su Internet per “linux most used terminal commands”, e comincia a leggere da lì. Per esempio:

    Grazie per aver segnato il topic come [Risolto].


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