• Build Fails: lib32-qt4

    Hello Everyone,

    It appears that I have an update for lib32-qt4 from the AUR that update manager keeps yelling at me about. However, when I try to build and install (and it takes a while, like 10-20 mins)…it always fails.

    I see some comments here about clean chroot, but unsure what steps to take to fix the issue:

    Anyone else seeing the same issues with this package?


  • @a4orce84 said

    Anyone else seeing the same issues with this package?

    Hi and yes (for about a month ago. May I ask you if you have the old version of Skype (v.4.x) installed?

  • I do! Skype Version 4.3, that honestly I don’t use much. Should I remove it and try again?


  • Ok. lib32-qt4 is a dependency to Skype. There s the new Skype v.5 released for Linux by our beloved Microsoft. 👎
    The old version is not compatible with the new one which is based on the web edition.
    I suggest you uninstall your current Skype version and download either one of the 2 (AUP):

    1. skypeforlinux-bin
    2. skypeforlinux
  • Hey Anarch,

    Thanks for the response. I did what you said, uninstalled Skype 4.3 and installed skypeforlinux-bin (Skype 5.x) version. The install was successful, but I still see the lib32-qt4 in my update manager (after reboot).

    Looks like it still wants to be installed / updated…thoughts?

  • I guess some other program is using it, too. Open pamac and check its dependencies to find out which one/s (by double-clicking on its name).
    Try to uninstall it and check the warnings.

  • Can you guide me through pacman on how to check the dependencies? I’m pretty new to Antergos, so still wrapping my brain around everything.


  • https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/lib32-qt4/
    If you are a browser type person… you can see all info on:
    Archlinux-Packages side.

    and AUR too:

    To list all the packages recursively depending on an installed package, use whoneeds from pkgtools (AUR-package):

    whoneeds package_name


    pactree -r package_name
  • A different approach to the above (using pamac (the GUI package manager NOT pacman (the terminal):

    1. Fire up pamac. Before we start let s make sure it s not listed in the Orphans.
      So, go to the button named State and click on it. If you find it listed there, uninstall it and you re done.
      If NOT:.
    2. Click on the tab named search and write the name of the package… When it finds it,
    3. double-click on its name. That will open a new tab with more info about it.
    4. Click the Dependencies button and check them.
      Try simply to uninstall it. Before it does, it will warn you that it being needed by the xyz program and if you would like to continue. You have the option to either continue or cancel till you find out what to do
      *** “Intelligence is the ability to avoid doing work, yet getting the work done.” 😊
      : Linus Torvalds.
  • Thanks guys! The package was under Orphans, so removed it and now it’s not complaining anymore.

    Thanks for the assistance!

  • btw i do not have problems to build this package… takes long but working… i was able to install skype and it is running without problem…

  • @joekamprad . that s strange. Updating resulted in unresolved dependencies which lead to finally…uninstall…pacman!😧
    Which Skype version are you talking about? Skype 4.x was replaced by skypeforlinux-bin
    or skypeforlinux both based on the web skype v.5.x .

    I was talking about the skype package wich is depending on this “lib32-qt4” package ;)

    aur/skype (118) (18,37)
        P2P software for high-quality voice communication


    This is the old one what has video/webcam inegration…

    The “beta” skypeforlinux is what you say 5.x whatever… but has no video/webcam integration aviable…


  • @joekamprad said


    Hehe, don t worry. All I said was that digging deeper into lib32-qt4 dependencies and conflicts, brought me a conflict with something used by pacman think it was gcc?).
    Nothing more than that.
    BTW, skypeforlinux is in beta now and a one-to-one video call was added. I have not tried it yet. The only reason I want it is when some client insists on using it. I am a language teacher & sometimes deliver lessons over the web…

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