• Steam and games not working

    so i have 2 problems with steam . is that Cities skylines dont work. when i click play it seems to start but it goes from running - sync - nothing so it seems it won’t start and my second problem is that when i try to launch huniepop (don’t judge) it will start but the window is just black.

    and i am running Steam-nativ

  • Hey there,

    I think I’ve had the same issue. This might be a problem in multilingual environments. For example: I’m using a german Antergos und english steam, because mostly the german audio su***. So you’ll need to add the english locale. It works like this:
    Open /etc/locale.gen with some editor and uncomment the steam langauage, regenerate locales. Code:

    sudo nano /etc/locale.gen

    uncomment locale (like “en_US-UTF-8 UTF-8”) by removing the # in front of it. Save and close.


    And try again. After that the black screens were gone for me. Hope this is helpful and solves your problem.

    Have a nice day 😊

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