• If I'm on Arch now, will I be happy on Antergos?

    It’s getting about the point where I’m thinking of upgrading my laptop hard drive to an SSD. My Arch install is also kind of a mess from testing different packages, so the idea of a fresh install is rather timely as well. I use this laptop for work (it is my personal machine though), which means being able to go from 0-full KDE install is attractive.

    Realistically, what are my hangups going to be?

  • @spacecase_25 YES … Exactly what I just did. Solus and Antergos have the best install GUI - process I have ever used. Beautiful, simple, minimalistic, precise, exact and methodical. The difference between a pro and an ameteur is that THE PROS makes what is difficult and complicated look easy and beautiful. That’s what you have here.

    At the end of the install you will have a beautiful Arch Linux package with the basics that you can start to build / customize from … . And it will be a pleasure as a process.

  • @spacecase_25
    Yes you will, Antergos is the best OS i tested, for my needs at least.

    One tip i can give you is: Yes reinstall your system if you broken it or if the config is really too messy and you don’t where to start fixing it.

    After reinstall: install Antergos or Archlinux in a virtual machine and use it for testing, install everything you want, change it, brake it, burn it if you have to; you’ll learn a lot and your real OS won’t be damaged.

    The softwares you like just install in your real OS…

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