• About updates, how to glance at the release notes and should I reboot?

    Title says it all. It would be nice to quickly glance at the “release notes” in case something is concerning and could potentially blow up the system. And yes, some things are intuitive for rebooting like kernel updates and graphics/xorg updates…and at least a log-out/log-in scenario for other items? I noticed the updater doesn’t prompt you to reboot upon a new kernel install – so yeah I have no idea if any of these are security updates and if you should just reboot every day just to be safe. I’m under the opinion that Linux has become more targeted and there’s been an increase of security updates in the past year or so, especially to internet-facing users like ourselves. 😶


  • Hi,

    I only reboot when a new kernel is updated, but I always have installed the LTS version, just in case something goes bad.

    You don’t need to logout after updating ;)

    About the release notes, you should have a look at www.archlinux.org and antergos.com/news/ before updating blindly (but to be honest, I do not do it).


  • @d_K Hi, i guess you can take a look in this video, is pretty informative about some linux users say:

    Around 13th minutes he talks about updates/uninstalling software.
    It may seem contradictory, but i usually never restart my system, since i power it off/turn it on every day;
    If for some reason you need to use the new libraries or other stuffs, then you need to at least restart the software you need, but this usually is not necessary to keep using it, if it’s already working…

  • @karasu cool, I’ll put both of these sites on rss, thanks!
    @fernandomaroto I saw that video some time ago. I honestly can’t take anyone seriously (or at least take them with a very minimal grain of salt) when they both 1) disable comments and 2) disable ratings. You may know other “people” who also do this on every single video. He has some interesting points where apps stay in ram until you close them but I find him to be a mostly-sensationalist youtuber.

  • I always take a look at the arch bugtracker before I start an update. Here’s the rss-link.

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