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    Gnome Calendar and Contacts not working with Nextcloud

    Hey dear community,
    After awhile and some Gnome and Nextcloud updates, the Gnome-Calendar app still does not display my Nextcloud calendar. The Gnome Online-Accounts app shows that apparently everything is ok (I use the owncloud preset with my nextcloud instance): contacts, calendar, documents and files are set to ON, and indeed, I can sync stuff with the client and connect to my files from within nautilus. Maybe this has nothing to do with the gnome online-account stuff?
    The contacts app does not work either, none of my contacts are displayed here, though it used to work some time ago…

    Does anyone have an idea?

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    Oh, looks like I should have waited just one more week. With the new update of the gnome-online-accounts package the problem seems to be solved!

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