Sorry for flooding a little(lot) but this is what I did and got it to work (kind of)
I will also post this to the forums in case something can be done to fix it for future installs…

Device: Lenovo IP700 (not y700)
RAM: 12 gigs
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-6300HQ CPU @ 2.30GHz × 4
GPU: Nvidia GTX 950 (I think)
GPU2: Intel® HD Graphics 530 (Skylake GT2)
Drives: Empty SSD slot, 1tb HDD (Toshiba

Use USB Writer write the latest ISO to USB on Windows
DIsable Fast Startup under power options
Boot into BIOS and toggle Secure Boot to off, Firmware left on UEFI
Set USB as primary device to boot from (top of the list)
Boot to USB
Use Chromium to test internet connection and speed
Start CHNCHI and let it update
Run through the setup (Nvidia Driver selected)
Create Partitions
/boot/efi (1gb)
/ (20gb)
/home (created last with remaining space)
/swap (10gb)(created 3rd but set to end of space)
Installation Failed because CHNCHI couldn’t download some packages
Reboot Router, Reboot laptop
Went through setup again, partitions already made but needed to be repointed
Installer stuck at Getting Disks Ready 100%
Rebooted laptop, resetup (delete partitions and recreate)
Installation Failed because CHNCHI couldn’t download some packages
Reboot laptop to grub, can’t see Win 10
After spending some time I figured selecting Windows boot manager under Grub in the oem bootloader bootloader gets Windows running
Windows Stuck in repairing loop
Shutdown and used the tiny one key restore button on Lenovo Machines to restore C:/ to factory.
After action above laptop doesn’t boot to recovery environment but got stuck in repairing / windows couldn’t repair loop.
I got hella mad and powered off(forced)
Booted into live USB and used partitioner to delete the partitions made for linux
Rebooted and reverted BIOS back to OEM settings
Rebooted, laptop now stuck in OneKey recovery Loop, no matter what I do it will boot into the recovery environment.
I was very happy and hit restore from initial backup but its sitting at initializing, very very frustrated.
Grabbed a Mac and used it to create a Windows USB(ik, not a good idea)
Installed Windows again (Thankfully my other partition with data is there along with other OEM partitions [drivers, OneKey Initial backup{hidden}, etc])
Installed Windows on the drive where it was, it warned that the disk partitions were not in the correct order bu I ignored it since my data partition was just after C:/ and something else.
Once WIndows installed I figured that Apple Tweaked it, So I though lemme screw with the partitions since im gona have to reinstall anyway.
I booted back to USB and followed the steps with the same partitions mentioned above.
I got a sniff that it’s my router that might be doing shit, stopping the install so I removed all blocking and ran the installer
YAYAYAY It installed and rebooted. In grub WIndows doesn’t show up
After booting up I see a black screen with mouse. I can’t see anything else so I rebooted to USB assuming that it was a bad install, so I removed partitions and reinstalled.
Reboot, Grub, Boot, Same Problem
I go ahead and it CTRL+ALT+F2 and ran some lines(dont remember), sudo su” “pacman -Syu” “sytemctl stop lightdm” “systemctl disable lightdm” “systemctl enable gdm” “systemctl start gdm”
Immediately I am presented with an error saying something went wrong and gave me a logout button, mouse wasn’t there so I hit enter but i’m brought to the same screen
Spamming the “CTRL+ALT+F2 “ and enter I got into terminal
Logged in and disabled gdm
I ran the commands to install nvidia drivers but it kept saying target not found
Frustrated again I reinstalled windows(official one) and booted from live usb again
Ran the setup and this time I didn’t select download Graphics Drivers
Rebooted, Grub, Black Screen
I then slammed my laptop shut and ran around in circles
I came back and opened it and saw a message
MESSAGE: An error was detected in the current theme that could interfere with the system login process
OPTIONS: Load Default Theme, Load Fallback Theme, Cancel
I hit Load Fallback Theme and got a grey screen with a black power button in the top right, and the same message, this time I selected load default theme
Login screen is up and I have finally logged in, screen black for 20 secs and came back up with desktop and a boring wallpaper, I’m jumping around now
I wonder if I do the same thing with graphics downloaded in setup
UPDATE: Sadly it doesnt work
NOW: Im reinstalling without graphics downloaded during setup

In the end I lost OEM tweaked Windows and have not yet tried OneKey again, but at least there’s not bloatware :)