• Cnchi and fakeRAID / mdadm

    When will Cnchi support fake / software RAID installation?

  • @user_zed
    I have a 2 member RAID 0 stripe on a Promise TX4310 controller made by linux mint that I usually just pluck the card out of the PCI slot when I am doing an install so there is no chance of nuking the array, every install of linux I put on this machine sees the stripe immediately after installing mdadm. Antergos 17.2 already has mdadm so all that was necessary to do was to put the controller card back in the PCI slot and boot the machine. Antergos mounted the drive without issue.

  • @DougGuy That’s good information, but I figured that Antergos, as pretty much all other distros, could see an mdadm array as long as it includes the tools to do so. My question was more from a point of installing to an RAID1+ array.

  • @user_zed

    Cnchi does not support, at this moment, the installation by raid.
    Must do it by the “ArchWay”


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