• weird printer issue

    Using up-to-date Antergos and an Epson XP-300 printer. As only once have i gotten this thing to connect wirelessly using any OS, i now connect via usb. I have the driver for my model installed from the AUR. My printer is seen and selected in the Print Settings, and will print a test page. Problem is, Gimp is the only app i have that sees this printer. Using MATE, Pluma doesn’t see it, nor Firefox, nor the default pdf viewer. The only way i could print from the web is using Print to File in the browser, then converting it to something Gimp could work with, then print one page at a time.
    Any ideas why this is the only program that can see my printer? Thx.

  • http://localhost:631 is working? May you need to mark the printer as default system printer.

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  • that is very odd. i would start over. delete from printer settings and re add the printer. something didnt get setup right.

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