• Shared Calendars are not in my gnome gmail Calendar

    Hello everyone,
    I just installed Antergos on my new asus ux330 machine, and i can’t find the shared calendars that were shared from my collegues on Gmail! I’ve tried to install the Gnome shell google calendar from AUR but it is not working and according to google, the error that i am getting in the terminal (404) indicates that it’s depricated.
    Is there any calendar that can show shared calendars? I have them on my Android, Macbook Pro and i really need it on my Antergos.
    Thanks in advance,

  • If you configure gnome-online-accounts you can watch google-calendar with a click on Date/Time at top panel…

    gnome-calendar app is pretty bad, as a standalone app without any enhance features…
    I was used to Rainlendar but it is also way unenhanced…
    There is a new GTK3 based app called California i try at the moment…but failes to build…
    as you can see it is almost the same like gnome-calendar:
    [left=gnome-calendar right is california]
    Bild Text

  • Hey thanks! But that doesn’t answer my question. My main problem is that i can’t get the Shared Calendars that were shared by others to my gmail account . Aynways, I guess all calendars under archlinux are relying on the gnome-google package, the problem is, the gnome-google is not updated since 2014 i think and that is the problem.
    Running the script: python gnome-shell-google-calendar.py gives an 404 error that according to google, this is depricated.

  • Yes true… now i understand!
    I check this and it seems to be a unsolved thing… As i get open calendars showen up private shered calendars does not show up.
    I try to import shared-calendar-url.ics inside gnome-calendar but it shows error calendar not found…

  • So problem is that google explicit forbit to use shared calendars inside external apps…
    i find this shell-extension >>
    gnome-shell-calendar-open but i do not get what it should do…

  • OK I found the solution. Google allows syncing Shared Calendars with CalDav on this link: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/syncselect
    That solved it. And btw, downloading California and building it from source worked just fine for me.
    Thanks anyways.

  • and how do you sync with this CalDav ?

    Aha, i just wait and the shared calendar shows up

  • I am not sure about the CalDav but i guess most calendars have it. It owrks for me now on both calendars, gnome and california.

  • with california you can send also invitation

  • @yama - This did not seem to work for me. I was not able to add Google calendars shared with me to Gnome-Calendar. I actually like the look of Gnome Calendar and do not want to add additional calendar apps. Any other thoughts?

  • open this side:
    and select the shared calendars you want to see inside gnome -calendar.
    you need to wait till this shared calendars syncing, needs some time.

  • @joekamprad - Okay. I’ll try it again, and I’ll try to be patient.

  • @WaltH Bild Text
    make shure you add your google account here settings > online accounts

  • @joekamprad - My Google account is added, and the three calendars I own do show up. It’s the three calendars that have been shared with me (and which I can edit events on) that are not visible.

  • @joekamprad - Okay, I got it to work. I had to go to your link first and select the calendars I wanted to see. Then I had to remove Google from my Online Accounts settings and add it back. Then the six calendars I track all appeared.

  • Is this still working for others? It seems to have stopped working for me. My Gnome calendar had all of my calendars yesterday. Today it is completely blank, and I am unable to add them. (The calendars I had added disappeared.) Is the California calendar app working and usable yet?

    EDIT: Now the Gnome calendar won’t even open. I’m in the middle of a project, after which I’ll try rebooting to see if that helps.

  • still working here with gnome-calendar

  • may you need to revalidate gnome-online-account?

  • @joekamprad - Well, I’ve removed the Google account and added it back several times. The only two calendars it showed were Birthdays and Personal, neither of which I use. Now, even those are gone.

    When I go to online accounts, it tells me to click on Google to set up, but when I do, my email address is already there.

  • The interface is very odd on many ways… you can also go to website and remove the verification for your computer, and then login again…

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